– Multiplayer social zombie killing game – Multiplayer social zombie killing game

FrickinZombies IO is a multiplayer social zombie killer where you hook up online with other people and team up to chase and kill some zombies.

By doing so you score points, buy improvements and thus increase your own chances of survival.

In order to stimulate players to work with each other, you don’t get points for killing teammates.

But, you do get double points for killing a zombie who’s chasing another player. This way you are encouraged to help others and work together in achieving the same goal – which is making the world zombie-free place.

If you’re playing this from your computer, with the keyboard and a mouse, the controls are as follows: to move: wasd, to shoot – left click, to shoot backward – right click, to change weapon – mouse wheel scroll. Actually, you may use keyboard controls for everything just look for the instructions inside the game. The problem is how would you accomplish this from the android or ios device.

The original game location is this The game is played in full-screen mode.

The game has well executed all typical scenarios for a multiplayer zombie shooter. You may collect and switch between all kinds of weapons: guns knifes shotguns, rifles, and grenades. Ammo is also something you need to worry about. With time, you lose energy, so you will also need some food to restore your ‘hearts’.

‘Guts’ is a new thing. If you cover your self in zombie guts they will think you’re one of them what can save your life. Generally, it’s a well executed and well thought of game you will most certainly enjoy.

If you’d like to explore things first and learn controls before you jump into a real battle, there’s a single player mode.

Hands down, this is one of the best zombie io games to date. Keep up the good work devs!


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