Braainsio Game

Braainsio Game

UPDATE: Ok, You’ve probably figured out so far, the game doesn’t work anymore. And it’s pointless to search for the working copy anywhere because it stopped working on the original site, which means it won’t work on any other copy-page. You see, io games are not like flash. You can’t just download the game file, upload it to your server and make it work.

It doesn’t work that way. They have far complex logic as they track the behaviors, choices and the movements of multiple users simultaneously in real time. If this game ever gets back, you will be the first to know, so please check back regularly or maybe try some other horror io games from our website – they are all free.

Braains IO is a multiplayer game where you need to run and hide from zombies, or get bitten and become one. When that eventually happens, and it will, you as a fresh zombie will have to search for humans trying to turn them into zombies as well. So basically, it’s a win win or, loose – loose game, as you play for both sides. The point is to have a lot of fun in the process.

What would be the point of having hundreds of players if they wouldn’t be able to get organized into teams? let you do that exactly. As humans, you need to organize with other survivors in an attempt to survive as long as possible. You should try to build barricades, to block passages and cover room entrances.

If you get infected, don’t dispair, as you are not alone. Again, you will work with zombie team, this time trying to infect as many humans as you can.

Here’s a typical gameplay

Some zombies can grow very big over time. Just look how giant this specimen below is. This is a good chance to take a good look at these beasts. Infected players are easily spotted by distinguishable red faces and red skin. When the infection is over, they become zombies. Only one light touch is enough to turn you into one of them. Big Zombie

Building a shelter or any kind of hiding spot is a good strategy. You can use the time until the full outbreak to move some boxes around, or maybe even a car. Other players won’t just sit there watching you do that. They will either join to help you or try to steal your idea and hide there as well. Basically, the same human psychology applies as it would in a real world situation in case of crisis outbreak. a good hiding spot can be made if you get into a room and then use a box or a couch to cover the entrance points. Bear in mind that no hideout is safe if it gets over crowded.

Brains IO perfect hiding spot

To become a successful survivor, you will have to master some of the most important braains io game concepts:
1. how to push objects,
2. How to block rooms
3. How to work as a team
4. How to use weapons, guns, and swordfish.

At this point, the game has several serious bugs and occasional glitches here and there. For that reason, developers are working on a new version, which is in beta stage right now.

I’ve seen all kinds of glitches, like this with zombie holding a shotgun – which, you will agree, has no sense at all, correct?

What a heck: zombie with a shotgun??

As the game progress, you start to earn points, which you can then spend on buying stuff such as the pill, baseball bat, stick or potato gun.

Here, a few good ideas of making a perfect secret zombie hideout place.

Just to mention the signup process. It’s simple and you don’t need to provide email, just user name and password and the game let you in immediately.


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